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An activated carbon filter (ACF) works on the principle of adsorption; filter medium adsorbs or reacts with a pollutant molecules then filtered water is drained out. Activated carbon which is used as medium to remove contaminants is natural material derived from coconut shell, lignite, bituminous coal etc. further, activated by chemical or steam under absence of oxygen with high temperature around 1000°C. Specific contaminants can be removed by employing blends of various carbons.

Activated Carbon Filter is widely accepted system in water filtration techniques. The treated water is free from chloramines (chlorine and ammonia mixture) and organic compounds; therefore, best for discharge and production use. Activated Carbon Filter is also utilized in pre-treatment for ro water plant and dm plant as the treated water keeps these systems safe from oxidation or organic fouling.

Limitations of Activated Carbon Filter

Which Activated Carbon is Right For You?



  • Removes odor, bad taste, chlorine and lead

  • Can be used for pre-treatment

  • Available in powdered or granule carbons

  • CTanks available in FRP or Epoxy MS

  • Maximum carbon utilization

  • NABL testing certificate

  • Custom size configuration

  • Manual or automatic operation

There are some limitations of activated carbon filters (ACF); uses are limited to wastes with low organic concentrations (< 5%) and very low inorganic concentrations (< 1%). Removing highly soluble organics or those with low molecular weights are also out of their capabilities. An activated carbon filtration system is unable to remove all of contaminants; such as, microbes, sodium, fluoride and hardness from water; however, special activated carbon water treatment is necessary for removing lead and other heavy metals. In addition, disposal process of contaminated carbon is complicated if not regenerated.

There are two types of activated carbons available, Granules Activated Carbon (GAC) and Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC); choosing which one is best suitable for your application is not a difficult task. In general, Granule Activated Carbon is made by steam activation of coal and is widely used in purifying drinking water, whereas Powdered Activated Carbon is produced by steam activation of lignite coal under carefully controlled conditions and is used in treating (remove toxic organics along with BOD, COD and TOC) industrial wastewater, process water and highly contaminated municipal wastewater.


The working principle of a multigrade filter is quite straight forward. In a multigrade filter or pressure sand filter, water is passed through multi layers of filter media consisting graded sand, pebbles and gravels layers. The contaminants in the water are captured in the media bed and filtered water passes into the discharge manifold at the bottom of the tanks. The next and last step is backwashing, a process of effectively removal of captured contaminants from the media bed. After back-washing the filter is rinsed with raw water and after the required quality of water is achieved the filter is put back into service.

A latest concept in the water treatment technology, a Multi Grade Filter consists of vertical or horizontal pressure sand filters that contain multiple layers of coarse and fine sand (pebbles and gravels) in a fixed proportion. It is a kind of a deep filter bed with adequate pore dimensions for retaining both large and small suspended solids and un-dissolved impurities like dust particles. As compared to conventional sand water filter, this multigrade filtration system works on higher specific flow rates. It is also a low cost pre-treatment system for ion exchangers (deionizer and softener) and membrane systems such as reverse osmosis etc. With high throughputs, high dirt-holding capacity and capacity to reduce turbidity and TSS (< 5ppm) from water, it protects ion-exchange resins and membranes from physical fouling due to suspended impurities present in the water.


  • Designed for commercial & Industrial uses

  • Manual or automatic operation options

  • Durable FRP or mild steel tank

  • Custom sizes and configurations

  • Maximum carbon utilizationIdeal for pre-treatment

Want to know more about this product......
Call as at +91 9310481412 or Reach Us on :

Want to Know more about this Product....

Call as at +91 9310481412 or Reach us on :-

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