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Bubble diffusers are used to release air bubbles which rise slowly from the floor of a waste water holding tank, thus allowing the bacteria to produce enzymes which break down the waste so that it can settle in the secondary clarifiers. Increasing the oxygen transfer efficiency decreases the power the plant requires to provide the same quality of effluent water, hence bubble size is important.


These high performance fine bubble membrane diffusers are suitable for Waste Water Treatment Aeration. This allows water to completely fill the diffuser support tube. Further, this eliminates diffuser buoyancy and does not allow diffuser to bounce during operation. Also, there is no breakage and failure of nipple end connection. The offered range of diffusers is manufactured using high grade raw material and latest technology at par with the industry quality standards.


  • Filter the finest suspended particles

  • The cartridges have uniform pore size, smooth surface, lightweight, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic and resistant to shocks and impacts

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