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Clariflocculator is a combination of flocculation and clarification in a single tank. It has two concentric tanks where inner tank serves as a flocculation basin and the outer tank serves as a clarifier.

Clariflocculator in Waste Water Treatments. In large waste water treatment plants, the flocculator and the clarifier are combined together to achieve economy in construction. The combined unit of flocculator and clarifier is known as clariflocculator in waste water treatment process.

A solitary unit of Clariflocculator serves elements of both the clarifier and flocculator.It comprises of two concentric tanks - the internal tank fills in as a flocculation chamber while the external tank fills in as a clarifier chamber. The dosed water is metered into the flocculation chamber where its paddling mechanics starts flocculation of solids.

The subsequent muck and overwhelming strong particulates settles to the base under the attractive energy constrain; the stores are raked to the base focal pocket and released. The generally clear water from the flocculation chamber radially streams outward into the elimination chamber for additionally preparing.

Whenever executed and worked legitimately, they can manage the cost of cost-funds in capital ventures, bring down impression, and cost-reserve funds in forms.



Types of Clariflocculator

Advantage of MGS          Clariflocculator

  • Centre Driven Clariflocculator

  • End Driven Clariflocculator

  • Full Bridge Clariflocculator

  • Half Bridge Clariflocculator

  • Lower civil costs.

  • High volumetric efficiency.

  • Greater turbidity removal lower power consumption.

  • Low chemical consumption.

  • Less wastage of water.

  • Ease of operation and less maintenance cost.

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