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Belt/Screw Conveyor

Municipal Water and Waste Water Treatment plants need to use conveyance for solids, screenings, and grit. 

Plants choose between belt conveyors and screw conveyors.

The choice between belt conveyors vs screw conveyors comes down to what materials you are conveying. Because Municipal Water and Waste Water Treatment applications have several difficult to handle products, we will cover each product separately as we assess the best conveying solutions.

Purpose of Conveyors in waste water treatment

  • Dewatered Sludge

  • Dried Biosolids

  • Raw Screenings

  • Compacted Screenings

  • Wet Grit

  • Dewatered Grit

Belt Conveyors

Pros and Cons


  • Use less power than screw conveyors

  • Does not change product as it conveys

  • Best for long distances

  • Best for high volumes


  • Costly to enclose for odor

  • Many roller bearings

  • Limitations on incline degrees


Screw Conveyors Pros and Cons


  • Completely enclosed (safety, odor control)

  • Less bearings than a belt conveyor

  • Can convey vertically

  • Used in hopper live bottom applications


  • Stringy material may rag on shafts or hanger bearings

  • Shearing action may change sludge

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