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Agitator/Flash Mixer

 “Agitator/Flash Mixer" can be used for various applications such as blending, coagulation, crystallization, dissolution, extraction, fermentation, gas dispersions, heat transfer, holding, leaching, polymerization, slurry suspensions, high viscosity blending and more.

 For Batch and Continuous Stirred Reactors for liquid-liquid, solid-liquid, solid-liquid-gas mixing

Custom designs to best-fit mixing needs across all major process industry

 Maintenance friendly features to reduce downtime with various sealing and drive design options

Motor Ratings (KW)     :   0.25 – 315

Shaft Diameter             :   20 mm – 350 mm

Operating Pressure      :   Designed up to 100 bar 

MOC                            :   SS 304/316, Duplex and Special Alloy Steel

Sealing Options            :  Open Tank, Gland Packing,

                                          Mechanical seals with varied API seal plan

(Motor Rating, shaft Dia, operating Pressure, Sealing and other grade is available on request) 


Housing Type 

Belt & Pulley Type 


Vertically Flange Mounting Type       

Primary Slurry Agitator 

Tertiary Sludge Agitator

Static Mixer

When the MIXING BLADE is not rotating it is a Static Mixer. Static Mixing is achieved by placing a series of well-designed obstructions (mixing elements) in a flowing stream. Static Mixers are “Inline” that is they are placed in pipe line. Static Mixers are generally used for “Continuous Mixing”. They may be used in “Batch” mode by providing a recirculation line.

Static Mixers are highly-engineered motionless mixing devices that allow for the continuous blending of fluids within a pipeline. With no moving parts, static mixers utilize the energy of the flow stream to generate consistent, cost-effective, and reliable mixing.

It is a special skill to design Static Mixers for a given job such a mixing, blending, Gas - liquid contacting, viscous reaction, heat transfer, mass transfer, dispersion, emulsification, extraction and all those operations where usually agitation is employed.

1) PP
3) FRP
6) Stainless Steel
7) Hast alloy
8) MS+PTFE Lined

Available MOC


Mixing for each volume flow, density, viscosity and substance-specific properties

1) Liquid – liquid mixing

  •  Miscible liquids, i.e. water & caustic

  •  None-miscible liquids, i.e. water and oil

2) Liquid – gas mixing, i.e. water and CO2


1) No moving parts

2) No mechanical seals

3) No maintenance

4) No leakage

5) Predictable homogeneity

6) ​Low energy dissipation

7) Low investment/short return of investment

8) Easy Scale-up

9) In Line processing

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